Times I’ve Almost Died

image1-1When the shaking started, I was deep, deep down—cocooned in a dream that was yanked away from me when terror plunged its greedy hand into my sleep and hauled me spluttering towards the surface. [Read more…]

Something After Nothing

FullSizeRender-5It’s true, I’m employed again. [Read more…]

What She Does Next Is Shocking

Land Rover BlogYears ago Dad bought a 1986 right-hand drive Land Rover Defender, named her Matilda, and sawed her in half. [Read more…]

Girl Most Likely To

Let me be the first to tell you I’ve forgotten
what it was I wanted to say.
The words I’d been saving squandered elsewhere. [Read more…]

All The Last Things

FaceSunsetYour last week in Paris, you will do all the last things, big and small. You will tidy your apartment one final time. You will buy cheese at the Marché Raspail along with vegetables that can’t be cooked in a hotel room. [Read more…]


IMG_4345I must have been the only one incensed by the topless photos in the Glamour magazine included in my Nike Women’s #WeRunParis race-pack because I didn’t get any retweets when I snarked about it on Twitter. [Read more…]

Woman and Dog

It remains true that you can be in Paris, surrounded by grace and beauty, and still catch yourself wondering about heartworm season. [Read more…]

A Metaphorical Selfie


Bronze Statue Selfie, 1868, Jardin du Luxembourg

Behold the ubiquitous, slim telescopes wavering over a thousand frozen smiles like so many anxious antennae: the selfie-sticks of Paris. [Read more…]

The Three Minute Cry

IMG_3901A friend of a friend in Paris adores ballet, which it turns out has perks. [Read more…]

Le Trail des Reculées, Clueless

funky shot“It doesn’t really matter where we go, we can just pick a trail, buy a map, and do whatever we want.”

[Read more…]