Happiness, Moving

image1-4On the first March day to feel as if it has Spring tucked like a bouquet behind its back and is twitching to yank it out and surprise us, I take my bike from its winter den. [Read more…]

Rejection, An Anthology

Thank you for submitting –
Thank you for sending –
We were blessed –
We appreciate –
We’re truly grateful –
We were thrilled. [Read more…]

Christmas, Reinstated

chrismas-treeMist is drifting off the lake while the December sun consoles the crest of the snow-capped hills with its golden hand. [Read more…]

This is Not a Drill

fire alarmLast month I stayed in a hotel room the shape and colour of a TicTac and only slightly larger. [Read more…]

The Lake Swimmer

For S.P. on the occasion of her half-centennial. [Read more…]

Detour Along the Road Not Taken

mothersdayThe jolt and hum of the train, the green hills smudging past and, across the aisle, my nieces—two coltish girls on the thorny cusp of womanhood. [Read more…]

Springtime’s Most Rambling Metaphor

hailstonesThree times in as many weeks: hail. Pearly gemstones plinking down, making a spectacle of themselves, just when we all thought the day might clear. [Read more…]

Times I’ve Almost Died

image1-1When the shaking started, I was deep, deep down—cocooned in a dream that was yanked away from me when terror plunged its greedy hand into my sleep and hauled me spluttering towards the surface. [Read more…]

Something After Nothing

FullSizeRender-5It’s true, I’m employed again. [Read more…]

Health Journalism

Some print, audio, and video highlights of my health reporting. As managing editor at TCTMD.com, I now spend my days mostly assigning and editing. [Read more…]