About Me

Blog-sectionMe, I was born on the back of a medium-sized giraffe, and by born I mean, I just found myself there, my little arms, skin soft as satin, clamped for dear life around her musty neck. My first thought: that it was a long way down to the dusty road and wherever it might lead me; a long way up if I was seeking kisses and reassurances. Which I’m not.

I divide my time between a home in Kelowna, Canada, and a job in New York, NY. My fiction, creative non-fiction, columns, and travel-writing have appeared in a range of Canadian and international publications. On the creative side, my work is represented by Stephanie Sinclair, at Transatlantic Literary Agency.

My debut novel, Quintland will be published in Canada and the US (William Morrow|Harper Collins) in late 2018/early 2019.

By day (and often into the night), I’m the Editorial Director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, leading the news team at the cardiology news website, TCTMD.com. Before that, I worked for almost 15 years as an editor and writer at theheart.org | Medscape Cardiology, owned by WebMD. I was also the News Director for Medscape France and Medscape Germany.