About Me

Blog-sectionMe, I was born on the back of a medium-sized giraffe, and by born I mean, I just found myself there, my little arms, skin soft as satin, clamped for dear life around her musty neck. My first thought: that it was a long way down to the dusty road and wherever it might lead me; a long way up if I was seeking kisses and reassurances. Which I’m not.

I think there might be people laid up with broken legs or preeclampsia — hours trudging past like time itself is going through airport security — who might want to sink a few minutes into seeing what I get up to, word-wise. This is for you. And my mum.

Seriously now: these days I divide my time between Kelowna, Canada, and New York, NY. My fiction, creative non-fiction, columns, and travel-writing have appeared in a range of Canadian and international magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. On October 15, 2015, I became the Editorial Director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, leading the news team at TCTMD.com. Before that, I worked for almost 15 years as an editor and writer at theheart.org | Medscape Cardiology, an award-winning news site for cardiologists and other health professionals owned by WebMD. I was also the News Director for Medscape France and Medscape Germany.