Rejection, An Anthology

Thank you for submitting –
Thank you for sending –
We were blessed –
We appreciate –
We’re truly grateful –
We were thrilled.

read with care
much to appreciate
after carefully considering
the time and care you put
narrowing this strong field down
the many quality submissions
once again excellent, and plentiful.
special interest in your piece
a truly phenomenal pool of work
we read many fantastic pieces

We regret
We have concluded
I regret
I’m saddened to say
We are unable
Although we have had to pass
I’m afraid
We’ve decided

Not the right fit for this issue
Not a finalist
Not quite right for us
Does not meet our needs
Not what we’re seeking
We have to pass

Good luck
Best of luck
All the luck
All the best
We hope you find

Please know
One day the news might be happier.