Health Journalism

I now work as the Editorial Director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and managing editor at Links to some of my medical journalism below, although the bulk of my time is spent assigning and editing.

For 14 years I wrote between 100 – 150 articles every year for about medicine, heart disease,  health policy, and related topics. I also conducted interviews or led panel discussions on video. *New* in 2016: Podcasts! Some highlights below.

Heart Sounds with Shelley Wood (podcast)
radio-icon March 2016:

Years Later, MIST Trial Investigator Suspended in Long-Running Controversy Over PFO-Closure Study Misconduct
December 4, 2015:

Analysis Decries Beta-Blocker Stance in Noncardiac-Surgery Guidelines
August 29, 2014:

Standards Needed for Salt Studies As ‘Big Food’ Takes Sides
August 18, 2014:

Lowest Alcohol Intake, Least CVD: Novel Study Challenges CV Benefits of Booze
July 11, 2014:

HEAT-PPCI in Print: ‘It’s Pretty Bloody Detailed’
July 4, 2014:

Calling All Physicians: The Salt ‘Debate’ Must Stop
June 18, 2014:

Warming Up to HEAT-PPCI: SCAI Panel Probes Trial . . . Gently
May 30, 2014:

 It Ain’t Over: Renal Denervation Data Dominate EuroPCR as Research Presses On
May 26, 2014:

Grassley Investigation Unearths Second, Secret, Myxo Ring Study
May 2, 2014:

MOC Deadline Looks Anew, as Resistance Mushrooms
April 25, 2014:

HEAT-PPCI: Heparin Bests Bivalirudin in STEMI, Amid Heated Debate
April 1, 2014:

Who’s Watching? Live Case Sessions Need Outcomes Registry, Oversight, Experts Say
March 26, 2014:

What Can We Learn From a Negative Trial?
video iconMarch 20, 2014:

Underrepresented Populations in Clinical Trials
video icon December 5, 2013:

“Heart failure is killing your diabetes patients,” experts warn
September 26, 2013:

Beyond comparison? Questioning the approval process for cardiac devices
video icon February 25, 2013:

Breaking embargo: PREVAIL and how we publish data from clinical trials
video icon April 12, 2013:

A multimarker test for predicting heart disease: Has its time arrived?
June 20, 2012: (with Sue Hughes)

Social media for cardiologists
video icon June 4, 2012:

The doctor will see you now (from the other side of the world)
February 10, 2012:

Drugs, money, and glory: Is cancer beating heart disease?
Three-part series, August/September 2011:

Murder he wrote: The cardiologist as novelist
video icon August 11, 2011:

Betty Crocker, Coke, and CardioSmart at ACC 2011: If CV prevention gets a boost, does it matter who pays?
Apr 2, 2011:

Diet drug dilemma: If CVD  drops tomorrow, are risks justified today?
October 20, 2010:

A script for the show: Live cases in cardiology get a code of conduct
October 6, 2010:

Peeling the onion: Is more conflict of interest disclosure getting us closer to the truth?
Apr 24, 2009:

Mounting debate over aspirin use in primary prevention should prompt new talks with patients
Dec 9, 2009:

The Myxo-ring mix-up
Autumn 2008:

So you think you’re an interventional cardiologist? Let the simulators decide
May 19, 2005:

Diet dilemma: Are cardiologists going loco for low-carb?
Feb 24, 2004:

Herbals and the heart
May 30, 2003: