Health Journalism

Some print, audio, and video highlights of my health reporting. As managing editor at, I now spend my days mostly assigning and editing.

For 14 years I wrote between 100 – 150 articles every year for about medicine, heart disease,  health policy, and related topics. I also conducted interviews or led panel discussions on video. *New* in 2016: Podcasts! Some highlights below.

Heart Sounds with Shelley Wood (podcast)
radio-icon May 2018:


My Takeaways From TCT 2017: Show Up, Keep It Civil, and Bring Your Best Self
November 22, 2017:

On Record: Will Transcatheter Valve Therapies Ease the Global Burden of Heart Failure?video icon
September 27, 2017:

My Takeaways From ESC 2017: That Lovin’ Feeling? Barcelona Brings It Back
September 8, 2017:

Stents as Essential Medicine: India’s Cap on Stent Prices Could Have Ripples Around the Globe
May 5, 2017:

My Takeaways From ACC 2017: Even With a Sea Change, the Tide Takes Its Time
March 23, 2017:

My Takeaways From ESC 2016: Eye-Rolling, Disappointments, and a Sobering Comeuppance
September 8, 2016:

Heart Sounds with Shelley Wood (podcast)
radio-icon March 2016:

Years Later, MIST Trial Investigator Suspended in Long-Running Controversy Over PFO-Closure Study Misconduct
December 4, 2015:

Analysis Decries Beta-Blocker Stance in Noncardiac-Surgery Guidelines
August 29, 2014:

Standards Needed for Salt Studies As ‘Big Food’ Takes Sides
August 18, 2014:

Lowest Alcohol Intake, Least CVD: Novel Study Challenges CV Benefits of Booze
July 11, 2014:

HEAT-PPCI in Print: ‘It’s Pretty Bloody Detailed’
July 4, 2014:

Calling All Physicians: The Salt ‘Debate’ Must Stop
June 18, 2014:

Warming Up to HEAT-PPCI: SCAI Panel Probes Trial . . . Gently
May 30, 2014:

 It Ain’t Over: Renal Denervation Data Dominate EuroPCR as Research Presses On
May 26, 2014:

Grassley Investigation Unearths Second, Secret, Myxo Ring Study
May 2, 2014:

MOC Deadline Looks Anew, as Resistance Mushrooms
April 25, 2014:

HEAT-PPCI: Heparin Bests Bivalirudin in STEMI, Amid Heated Debate
April 1, 2014:

Who’s Watching? Live Case Sessions Need Outcomes Registry, Oversight, Experts Say
March 26, 2014:

What Can We Learn From a Negative Trial?
video iconMarch 20, 2014:

Underrepresented Populations in Clinical Trials
video icon December 5, 2013:

“Heart failure is killing your diabetes patients,” experts warn
September 26, 2013:

Beyond comparison? Questioning the approval process for cardiac devices
video icon February 25, 2013:

Breaking embargo: PREVAIL and how we publish data from clinical trials
video icon April 12, 2013:

A multimarker test for predicting heart disease: Has its time arrived?
June 20, 2012: (with Sue Hughes)

Social media for cardiologists
video icon June 4, 2012:

The doctor will see you now (from the other side of the world)
February 10, 2012:

Drugs, money, and glory: Is cancer beating heart disease?
Three-part series, August/September 2011:

Murder he wrote: The cardiologist as novelist
video icon August 11, 2011:

Betty Crocker, Coke, and CardioSmart at ACC 2011: If CV prevention gets a boost, does it matter who pays?
Apr 2, 2011:

Diet drug dilemma: If CVD  drops tomorrow, are risks justified today?
October 20, 2010:

A script for the show: Live cases in cardiology get a code of conduct
October 6, 2010:

Peeling the onion: Is more conflict of interest disclosure getting us closer to the truth?
Apr 24, 2009:

Mounting debate over aspirin use in primary prevention should prompt new talks with patients
Dec 9, 2009:

The Myxo-ring mix-up
Autumn 2008:

So you think you’re an interventional cardiologist? Let the simulators decide
May 19, 2005:

Diet dilemma: Are cardiologists going loco for low-carb?
Feb 24, 2004:

Herbals and the heart
May 30, 2003: