Fiction/Creative NF

My debut novel, The Quintland Sisters, will be published by William Morrow in Canada and the US in the spring of 2019. Pre-orders via Indigo and Amazon!

Most of my short fiction and lyrical nonfiction (decidedly non-journalistic) has been published in print-only literary journals, although some of these works are online and a few have audio files.

How They Move On
Spring/Summer 2018, Freefall Magazine

Marriage Backwaters (A Love Story)
March 2017, Causeway Lit

Quality of Life
Winter 2017, Issue 188,  Antigonish Review

Mourners at the Grave of the Other Dr. Johansen
Summer 2016, WOW-Women on Writing
*BONUS: Interview with the author (me) here.

The Scrubber of Bodies
Summer 2016, Volume 4: Cobalt Review

Rags, Riches
June 2016: Bath Flash Fiction
BONUS: Interview with the author (me) here.

Think of Sad
Spring 2016, Issue 4: F(r)iction

Lemons for Arthur
August 2015, Competition #7: Mash Stories
*BONUS: Hear it read aloud by a super intense stranger, possibly a robot here.

French Back-Seat Poetry
Spring 2015, Issue 38.1: Room Magazine
*BONUS: Hear it read aloud by the author (me) here.

December 2014, Issue 32-33: Nashwaak Review

What Happened That Day
Fall 2014, Issue 22: carte blanche

How It Went Down
May 10, 2014, Fiction #51: The Danforth Review

 Spring 2014, Issue 130: The New Quarterly index

What Comes Next
November 14, 2013: Pacifica Literary Review (online edition)