Fiction/Creative NF

Most of my short fiction and lyrical nonfiction (decidedly non-journalistic) has been published in print-only literary journals, although some of these works are online and a few have audio files.

Quality of Life
Winter 2017, Issue 188,  Antigonish Review

Mourners at the Grave of the Other Dr. Johansen
Summer 2016, WOW-Women on Writing
*BONUS: Interview with the author (me) here.

The Scrubber of Bodies
Summer 2016, Volume 4: Cobalt Review

Rags, Riches
June 2016: Bath Flash Fiction
BONUS: Interview with the author (me) here.

Think of Sad
Spring 2016, Issue 4: F(r)iction

Lemons for Arthur
August 2015, Competition #7: Mash Stories
*BONUS: Hear it read aloud by a super intense stranger, possibly a robot here.

French Back-Seat Poetry
Spring 2015, Issue 38.1: Room Magazine
*BONUS: Hear it read aloud by the author (me) here.

December 2014, Issue 32-33: Nashwaak Review

What Happened That Day
Fall 2014, Issue 22: carte blanche

How It Went Down
May 10, 2014, Fiction #51: The Danforth Review

 Spring 2014, Issue 130: The New Quarterly index

What Comes Next
November 14, 2013: Pacifica Literary Review (online edition)