Lots of travel, still, but not as much time for writing about and selling it. My blog holds most of my travel writing now;  my older clippings are mostly old-school news print made into PDFs.

Hiking Corsica’s mountain paradise
October 19, 2015: Globe and Mail

Dip and detour along Gozo’s coastal trail
index  December 24, 2014: Vancouver Sun

On the road in Morocco
January 22, 2005: Vancouver Sun

Beaches, Buddha, and Beaming Smiles: Sri Lanka on the brink of peace
July/August 2003: Okanagan Life

Visiting India carries a jolt
May 2000: Georgia Straight

Buying passage in India
March? 2000: National Post

Hang-dogging and star-gazing on the edge of Paradise
November 2000: On the Edge Magazine