Journalist and wordsmith. Wanderer, tart-maker, friend to dogs.

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Health Journalism

Some print, audio, and video highlights of my health reporting. As managing editor at, I now spend my days mostly assigning and editing.

Fiction/Creative NF

My debut novel, The Quintland Sisters, will be published by William Morrow in Canada and the US in the spring of 2019. Pre-orders via Indigo and Amazon!


“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” – Lyndon B. Johnson


Narcissism, busyness, boobs, grief, piano-playing, childlessness, social media, work wear, Olympic hopes, reinvention, unproductivity–I’ve squawked about all of this, and more.


Lots of travel, still, but not as much time for writing about and selling it. My blog holds most of my travel writing now;  my older clippings are mostly old-school news print made into PDFs.


Kayaking, skate-skiing, open-water swimming, rock-climbing, mountain-biking: I do lots of fun things outdoors and people have occasionally paid me to write about it.

Word Work

Dangers, At Sea

Leaving harbour, the only hint we have of what’s to come is the horizon, which is jagged, as if torn.

The Ronda Writers Club

We went to Andalusia at the wrong time of year and for that we were punished.

She Already Knows

The eagle arrived shortly after Mum died, perching in the uppermost branches of the Ponderosa pine across the street and soaring past the kitchen window once or twice per day.

Happiness, Moving

On the first March day to feel as if it has Spring tucked like a bouquet behind its back and is twitching to yank it out and surprise us, I take my bike from its winter den.

Rejection, An Anthology

Thank you for submitting – Thank you for sending – We were blessed – We appreciate – We’re truly grateful – We were thrilled.

Christmas, Reinstated

Mist is drifting off the lake while the December sun consoles the crest of the snow-capped hills with its golden hand.