Journalist and wordsmith. Wanderer, tart-maker, friend to dogs.

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Health Journalism

I now work as the Editorial Director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and managing editor at Links to some of my medical journalism below, although the bulk of my time is spent assigning and editing.

Fiction/Creative NF

Most of my short fiction and lyrical nonfiction (decidedly non-journalistic) has been published in print-only literary journals, although some of these works are online and a few have audio files.


“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” – Lyndon B. Johnson


Narcissism, busyness, boobs, grief, piano-playing, childlessness, social media, work wear, Olympic hopes, reinvention, unproductivity–I’ve squawked about all of this, and more.


Lots of travel, still, but not as much time for writing about and selling it. My blog holds most of my travel writing now;  my older clippings are mostly old-school news print made into PDFs.


Kayaking, skate-skiing, open-water swimming, rock-climbing, mountain-biking: I do lots of fun things outdoors and people have occasionally paid me to write about it.

Word Work

Rejection, An Anthology

Thank you for submitting – Thank you for sending – We were blessed – We appreciate – We’re truly grateful – We were thrilled.

Christmas, Reinstated

Mist is drifting off the lake while the December sun consoles the crest of the snow-capped hills with its golden hand.

This is Not a Drill

Last month I stayed in a hotel room the shape and colour of a TicTac and only slightly larger.

The Lake Swimmer

For S.P. on the occasion of her half-centennial.

Detour Along the Road Not Taken

The jolt and hum of the train, the green hills smudging past and, across the aisle, my nieces—two coltish girls on the thorny cusp of womanhood.

Springtime’s Most Rambling Metaphor

Three times in as many weeks: hail. Pearly gemstones plinking down, making a spectacle of themselves, just when we all thought the day might clear.